Vodafone M-Pesa : Largest mobile network operator in Kenya

What is Vodafone M-Pesa?

M-Pesa (Pesa means money in Swahili) is Africa's most triumphant mobile money service (that was launched in 2007) and the region’s greatest fintech platform. This service was launched in 2007 by Vodafone Group plc and Safaricom. Since then, it became Africa's most successful mobile money transfer service with 25 million registered users in 10 countries though over 90 percent of the users are in Kenya. M-Pesa is said to have This money transfer service currently operates in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Lesotho, DRC, Ghana, Mozambique and Egypt. 
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How to register

The process for registering into M-Pesa is just like registering into any other wallet. Here are the steps to register:

Step 1

Before you create an account, you have to visit M-Pesa authorised agents. These agents will then provide you with a form that you have to fill for opening an account.

Step 2

After you get handed the form, you have to fill in all the required details correctly. Check again once after you have finished just to make sure that everything is correct. Attach the form with all the required KYC documents. Then hand this form over to the M-Pesa agents.

Step 3

After the agents validate the KYC documents attached, your account will be registered and the KYC documents might go into further inspections. Once your account is activated, you can make use of all the features available in this wallet. Once your KYC documents are successfully and entirely verified, you will be allowed to access all the features available in this platform. 

M-Pesa to bank transaction

  • Go into M-Pesa’s menu on your phon>
  • Go into Lipa na M-Pesa (Pay with M-Pesa)
  • Enter the bank number
  • Enter your bank account number and details required
  • Type out your required amount
  • Enter the M-Pesa pin
  • The confirmation message will be received on your phone

Vodafone puts an end to M-Pesa in India, Romania and Albania

Vodafone also used to operate in Romania, India and Albania but the service was stopped due to low market uptake.


M-Pesa was launched in November 2011 in India with a partnership with ICICI bank although development for the bank began as early as 2008 (3 years before). Vodafone had planned to roll out this service all throughout India. This didn’t go on well and the company stopped operating in India due to low market uptake.

After the company decided to shut down in India, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) said that customers who are associated with Vodafone m-pesa can approach the company for settlement of their claims for up to three years from January 21, 2020.


In March 2014, M-Pesa also tried to expand into Romania. Due to the same reason mentioned above, Vodafone’s M-Pesa (which had been launched in Romania in March 2014) closed on December 1.


Vodafone’s M-Pesa decided to start in Albania. Later, Vodafone had sent a notice which said that it will stop offering mobile money transfer service from July 14. Vodafone had not, untill now, given a formal explanation to why it brought down the payment service M-Pesa in Albania, but sources said it was an internal decision. It might have mostly been due to a loss or something like that.

M-Pesa Screens

M-Pesa Charges

M-Pesa withdrawal through agent (KSH = Kenyan Shilling)

  • 1 KSH to 49 KSH = NoCharge
  • 50 KSH to 100 KSH = 10
  • 101 KSH to 500 KSH = 27
  • 501 KSH to 1000 KSH = 28
  • 1001 KSH to 1500 KSH = 28
  • 1501 KSH to 2000 KSH = 28
  • 2510 KSH to 3500 KSH = 50
  • 3501 KSH to 5000 KSH = 67
  • 5001 KSH to 7500 KSH = 84
  • 7501 KSH to 10000 KSH = 112
  • 10001 KSH to 15000 KSH = 162
  • 15001 KSH to 20000 KSH = 180
  • 20001 KSH to 35000 KSH = 191
  • 35000 KSH to 50000 KSH = 270
  • 50001 KSH to 150000 KSH = 300

M-Pesa ATM withdrawal

  • 50 KSH to 100 KSH = 10
  • 200 KSH to 2500 KSH = 34
  • 2501 KSH to 5000 KSH = 67
  • 5001 KSH to 10000 KSH = 112
  • 10001 KSH to 20000 KSH = 197

You are allowed to make multiple cash withdrawals from the ATM however, the maximum withdrawal amount per day is only limited to 20,000 KSH. 

Pros and Cons of M-Pesa


  • Banking is simplified
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Secure
  • No annual account maintenance fee


  • Couldn’t reach a lot of countries

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