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What is Due?

Due is a digital wallet, founded by John Rampton in which online payments can be made. This wallet has made thousands of companies and freelancers get paid quicker in a quick span of time. Begun in 2015, Due began with an online invoicing platform that was fabricated to aid freelancers and little business holders. 

Succeeding a whole year of operation with chiliads of requests, this wallet also started offering transaction facilities to its users. Due wallet’s main aim is to help every single business grow without worrying about a method of getting paid. Due accepts all major cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Users within the US must use a US bank account.

If your business is located outside the US, there is one method through which you can pay. You can process payments through Due’s integrated partner, Stripe. To do this you have to go to your Due account paying setting to connect a Stripe account (either existing or new).

Go to https://app.due.com/register to sign up right now!. If you’re looking to get payments for your business you can sign up for a Due Business Account here for no cost.

If you're having trouble loading Due’s website you can update your version of chrome.

Here’s the list of browsers supported by due:

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 as well as later ones
  • Chrome 20.0 as well as later ones
  • Firefox 14.0 and later ones
  • Opera, latest version
  • Safari 6.0 as well as later ones

List of mobile browsers supported:

  • Mobile Safari, latest version
  • Android, latest version
Due Logo
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How long does a bank transfer take?

A bank transfer takes a maximum time up to one or two business days to operate your payment and then inaugurate the mechanized withdrawal to your required bank account. When the withdrawal has been initiated, your fund will usually be placed into your bank account within a couple of business days. After it has been initiated, the amount of quickness entirely depends on your bank as the money will have left your account in due and now it’s up to the bank. For instance, a few banks will make your funds available right on the same day that they receive the transfer from the due account.

On other illustrations, banks might take an extra time of 2-3 days. Due to this, you can wait for a maximum period of 2-5 business days for your funds to appear and then get concerned about what happened to your money. To submit a ticket, you have to email them at [email protected], or click the submit a request link given here. Submit a request

One thing that you have to remember is that your first payment may take more time than the usual time taken which is one to two business days. To be processed and deposited to your bank account more amount of time will be required.

Pros and Cons of Due


  • Send and receive money instantly
  • International payment processing
  • Secure
  • eCheck and ACH Payments
  • Send/Receive eChecks to clients, freelancers, companies and more


  • Not fully worldwide
  • Dependency on a device
  • Due charges a flat 2.8 percent per transaction fee.

Due’s eCheck System, its Pros and Cons, how to use it and when to use it

An eCheck actually means an electronic check. You can use eChecks to pay or receive payments from anyone across the globe. It’s a safe, secure, and convenient way to send and receive money without fees. The money can be put in your bank account or Due digital wallet. This provides you with another way to attract customers or handle your own finances in an effective way. All personal and financial data is encrypted and protected on Due’s secure servers for all eCheck transactions and follows all payment standards that have been established by financial institutions across the country. Coming Soon!


  • Very small amount cost
  • Offers high Speed
  • Better Accuracy
  • Convenient


  • Chances of Fraud
  • Can bounce and stop

Using eChecks

Step 1

Check your account to make sure that you have enough funds in the account to cover for the payment.

Step 2

Complete the eCheck form, when writing an eCheck all of the information has to be entered manually.

Step 3

Check on it one more time and then submit. It’s worth taking a minute to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes as you have typed it manually. Once you’re completely sure that everything’s accurate, hit the submit button to start the payment process.

When to use an eCheck

  • To make payments
  • When you want to pay a huge amount
  • Most convenient option
  • At all the times when you would normally use a check

Click here to download Due
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