This Week in Crypto – 28 May To 3 June 2022

With hundreds of new cryptos and NFTs constantly popping up, it's really hard to keep up with all the news and major updates. From 99.99% falls in price and 1000% gains, to updates about crypto regulations in different countries and the latest NFT sales, find the most recent news on the market right now.

Waves stats
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Trending Coin of the Week - Waves (WAVES)

Waves is a blockchain that provides technologies to developers. Developers may use Waves' own programming language, Ride, to create dApps and smart contracts. Ride is a simple functional programming language that makes blockchain development easier. On their platform, users can also create tokens that may be traded on their DEX, Waves Exchange. It is interoperable, scalable, and environmentally friendly while remaining simple to use. The Waves team has also created Waves Enterprise, a startup that creates hybrid blockchains for customers. Waves is now ranked #59 with a market capitalization of $910 million.

This Week in Crypto - Digital Wallets News
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Waves uses a consensus mechanism known as LPoS, or Leased Proof-of-Stake. Waves lite nodes can lease WAVES to mining nodes with a balance of 1000 WAVES under this agreement. The larger the miner’s balance, the more likely it is to locate the next block. Waves-NG was an improvement that came later. The next miner is pre-selected in this upgrade, and they create a key block. The key block is then augmented with numerous microblocks (each having only a few transactions) before being transmitted to the blockchain, resulting in high throughput and scalability.

Crypto News
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Marhaba Dives Into The Islamic Finance Sector With Halal - Complaint NFTs.

Marhaba, a DeFi platform, taps into the Islamic finance sector with halal-compliant NFTs. Marhaba DeFi Network (MRHB), a Muslim-focused ethical decentralized financial network, has begun minting non-fungible tokens (NFT) for the “world’s first halal compliance certificates,” according to the company. Although Shariah compliance is a major legislative requirement in Muslim nations, the authenticity of Crypto is still up for debate.

Crypto Scam Victims Lose More Than $1B Since 2021 - FTC

According to a recent Federal Trade Commission investigation, cryptocurrency fraudsters have looted over $1 billion from 46,000 victims since the start of 2021. According to the FTC, over half of those who reported losing digital currency in a scam claimed it began with an ad, post, or message on a social media network.

Stablecoin Supplies Drop $25B In A Month Marking The Steepest Fall In History

Tether’s supply fell by 16 percent in May, reaching $160 billion. Only a month prior, their total supply had surpassed $190 billion. This was mostly due to investors’ loss of faith in stablecoins following Terra’s collapse.

Nansen Says Celsius Network Partly Responsible for Terra Meltdown

Nansen, a blockchain analytics company, claims that numerous parties were involved in the sell-off that sent TerraUSD into a death spiral. A wallet linked to the crypto lending company Celsius was one of them, with large UST sales causing a stampede to the exit. According to Nansen, one of the two wallets that withdrew $420 million from Anchor is related to Celsius and was involved in moving cash to Ethereum via the Wormhole Bridge.

GameStop Reports $158M Loss in Q1 2022, but Crypto Plans Showing Promise

For the first quarter of this year, GameStop made a loss. The video game store recorded a $158 million loss in hardware sales on $1.378 billion in revenue, up from $1.277 billion the previous year. Overall, the company’s crypto activities are taking shape and might help the company grow.


Kazakhstan Government Rakes in $1.5M in Crypto Mining Fees in Q1 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, Kazakhstan’s government received 652 million Kazakhstani tenges ($1.5 million) in fees from crypto miners. After being expelled from China in May 2021, Kazakhstan provided a safe haven for displaced miners looking for cheaper electricity for 87,849 computers. After an internet outage and power outages rendered the location too dangerous, several miners have left.

Kenya’s Largest Electricity Producer To Offer Its Surplus Power To Bitcoin Miners

Kenya’s largest energy company, KenGen, intends to sell extra geothermal energy to bitcoin miners in the area. KenGen says that renewable energy accounts for 86 percent of its energy, the majority of which is geothermal heat from pockets of ground source heat in the Great Rift Valley. KenGen has space at its new industrial park in Olkaria, near its flagship geothermal power station, that might be rented to Bitcoin miners, according to local news site The Standard.


U.S. SEC Rejects Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin ETF by One River

One River filed papers for the ETF in May 2021, and the SEC notified in March that its decision would be delayed. One River pledged to buy and sell carbon credits to account for the emissions linked with the bitcoin in the fund, which set it apart from other spot ETF applications. On Friday, this was turned down. According to the SEC, the plan to list on the NYSE Arca market lacks proper investor safeguards.

European Union Plans to Introduce Tighter Rules on Crypto Transactions

The $1.2 trillion crypto market is still regulated unevenly throughout the world. The European Union will vote shortly whether or not to accept a plan that would require crypto firms to gather data on both senders and receivers in a transaction.

More Crypto Companies Moving to Switzerland to Avoid Regulatory Restrictions

Switzerland is one of Europe’s most appealing destinations for blockchain and crypto companies. Their regulatory framework is far more user-friendly than that of several European nations nearby. The “Crypto Valley Association,” an independent, government-backed organization, was founded in Switzerland to capitalize on the country’s capabilities in becoming a crypto and blockchain center.

Geo-based updates

Tether Launches New Stablecoin in Mexico

Tether has recently released its fourth stablecoin, which is pegged to the Mexican Peso. Tether’s MXN₮ will join three other fiat-currency pegged tokens on the market: the USD₮ fixed in US dollars, EUR₮ pegged in Euros, and CNH₮ pegged in offshore Chinese Yuan. Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon are among the first blockchains it supports.

China Will Airdrop Digital Yuan to Boost Locked Down Economy

In an effort to improve the local economy, the Chinese government plans to give $30 million in digital yuan via red envelopes through a lottery scheme in the Shenzhen district. Each participant has the chance to win one of three prizes: 88, 100, or 128 digital yuan. The airdrop is intended to help the local economy recover from recent lockdowns caused by an increase of COVID-19 cases.

Argentines Drawn to Bitcoin as Inflation Skyrockets

Savers in the South American country are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies to counteract years of severe inflation, which is already approaching 60%. Argentina’s weekly LocalBitcoins volume is $18.6 million. According to one projection, cryptocurrency use in Argentina might increase by 235 percent in the following 12 months.

Oman's Central Bank Governor Says Work Is Underway On Its Digital Currency

Many nations’ central banks are attempting to develop digital currencies in response to the rising popularity and acceptance of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The governor of Oman’s central bank said on Tuesday that the country’s central bank is working on its own digital currency and open banking services.

NFT and Metaverse Stats of the Week

Top NFT Sale of the Week – Bored Ape Yacht Club #5177 – Ξ 250 ($448.09k)

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT
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Top NFT Collection of the Week – – Volume – Ξ16,551.63 (~$30M) stats
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Top Gaining Metaverse Token – Arcona (ARCONA) +54.50%

Arcona Price
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This Week’s Gainers and Losers


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